There are a variety of ways to quit tobacco. Cold turkey, nicotine replacement therapy, a tobacco cessation class, and prescription medications are some of the many ways that can help someone quit. Listen to your doctor; your friends; your children; your loved ones.  It’s always a good time to quit!A tobacco cessation class will help you identify why you use tobacco, whether or not nicotine replacement therapy is right for you, and provide tools that will help you work through withdrawal symptoms and stay tobacco free. If you aren’t sure if a class is right for you, one-on-one counseling, telephone, and Internet resources are also available.To see more, click here.

Tobacco Free Quit Tips

DON’T GIVE UP. Most people have to try several times to quit. Stick with it.

Everyone benefits from your quitting.
The amount of smoking-related toxins inside the home is 3 times higher than in homes where no one smokes.

Tobacco smoke residue coats the walls, furniture, carpets, clothing and counters.  There are even detectable amounts of toxins in the dust around the home.

Even animals can breathe in secondhand smoke and experience cancer and respiratory problems.

Quitting tobacco gives more back than just health.  Think of how much time you spend with your nicotine habit; from getting the cigarettes at the store, to smoke breaks, to thinking about the next smoke break, quitting can give you the freedom of having more time to do what you want to do.